My Goals

My Goals

Give stability to 3 million children living in private rented accommodation by providing longer tenancies.

Help the 12 Million UK Private Renters by linking rent increases to inflation.

Why help?

Currently the UK has the shortest tenancies and highest rents in Europe.

Europe’s shortest tenancies, only 6 months, mean that too often children are uprooted from their schools, communities and friends.

Europe’s highest rents mean that we have no real hope of ever saving up for a deposit for a home of our own.

Home ownership is unaffordable for most of us not born into family wealth.

Over a Million people are stuck on Council House Waiting Lists; so social housing is also out of reach.

Therefore Renting in the Private Sector is the only option for a lot of people. It’s no longer a short term fix or lifestyle choice. We are stuck.

The number of people renting privately has more than Doubled in a Decade to over 12 Million.

So people with 6 month tenancies and no rent protection have overtaken those renting from the council and housing associations combined for the first time in a generation.

This is why I’ve set up this website with the goal of getting central government to lengthen the legal minimum length of Assured Shorthold Tenancies from 6 months to give this rapidly growing group of people some stability and security.

If you would like to help then please click the links above and find out how. Thanks

What you can do

Email your MP asking them to start up a campagin inside Parliament to offer the 12 Million UK Private Renters (& 3 Million Children!) more security than the current 6 month tenancies, the shortest in Europe

10 thoughts on “My Goals

  1. On of the things that bothers me is that there is no restriction on the amount of property people can buy and no restrictions on what they do with it. We need to stop treating houses like commodities and start treating them like homes again. Places where people build their lives. I think the green party approach, land value taxes, may be the best solution.

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    • I agree that a Land Value Tax would be an excellent solution to the UK’s housing crisis. Firstly the scandal of London’s luxury new build flats being bought up by “investors” just to sit empty whilst they launder their money and gain “capital gains” would be solved. London Land Value Taxes reflecting Land Value Taxes used in Singapore, Hong Kong, New York and other global financial centers would ensure that high end property prices are dampened making housing more affordable for the masses and encourage owners to either live in these homes or rent them out therefore enabling local people to live in and around central London closer to their places of work.

      Secondly, developers who sit on planning permission approved brownfield land and then release houses slowly (e.g. 10,000 Olympic Park homes built over 20 years) to purposely keep supply short of demand to maximise profit for their shareholders would be forced to build houses at a faster rate because planning permission approved land would be taxed at a far greater amount. This would greatly increase the rate of house building, ensure that families can be housed adequately, help end the blight of concreted over wasteland and also protect our greenbelt.

      The losers of this policy: The rich land owning aristocracy, e.g. the people in power, our Prime Minster, David Cameron, our Chancellor, George Osborne and their donor’s and lobbyists and friends in the media. That is why a Land Value Tax will sadly not be introduced until we the people vote in people that genuinely care about making housing affordable for the masses once more.


  2. Hi
    I am campaigning here in Haringey that Section 21 should either be removed or compensation should be paid for no fault evictions.
    If landlords want no fault evictions they should invest in a warehouse not a home.
    Why are no bills or potential changes to the law being brought before parliament ?
    Revenge eviction is only part of the problem.

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    • Agreed Maurice. The Government has to stop treating homes as Assets to be milked rather than prioritising them as homes for families to live in.

      Longer more secure tenancies in the Private Rented Sector (where unfortunately most renters now live) should in my opinion be a priority for Government now. There are too many people priced out of home ownership, unable to access social housing and suffering the consequences of Europe’s shortest tenancies and highest average rents.

      I would like the UK Government to follow Germany’s example of providing longer tenancies with rent control in the private sector. Germany has a good stable economy and workers can afford to rent at a fair price knowing that they won’t have to uproot themselves and their children at a landlords whim.


  3. I have been trying to buy my own flat in London for three and a half years now. Despite tripling the amount saved for a deposit I have been outpaced by prices leaving me with less choice from available properties. The government has sat idly by saying sympathetic words but offering no real solution middle income first time buyers. Thank you for sites like this getting the attention for the real victims of this crisis.

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  4. Thanks for your comment Stuart. This Government does have an appalling record. When middle income people who are tripling their savings can’t even afford a basic starter flat then something has clearly gone badly wrong. People on lower incomes stand no chance. Good luck and hopefully soon there will be a critical mass of people priced out that will make the Government start to act…….


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