11 Million UK Private Renters

My Goals

Give stability to 1.5 million children living in private rented accommodation by providing longer tenancies.

Help the 11 Million UK Private Renters by linking rent increases to inflation.

Why help?

Currently the UK has the shortest tenancies and highest rents in Europe.

Europe’s shortest tenancies, only 6 months, mean that too often children are uprooted from their schools, communities and friends.

Europe’s highest rents mean that we have no real hope of ever saving up for a deposit for a home of our own.

Home ownership is unaffordable for most of us not born into family wealth.

Over a Million people are stuck on Council House Waiting Lists; so social housing is also out of reach.

Therefore Renting in the Private Sector is the only option for a lot of us. It’s no longer a short term fix or lifestyle choice. We are stuck.

The number of people renting privately has more than Doubled in a Decade to over 11 Million.

So those of us with 6 month tenancies and no rent protection have overtaken those renting from the council and housing associations combined for the first time in a generation.

This is why I’ve set up this website with the goal of getting central government to lengthen the legal minimum length of Assured Shorthold Tenancies from 6 months to to give this rapidly growing group of people some stability and security.

If you would like to help then please click the links above and find out how. Thanks


6 thoughts on “11 Million UK Private Renters

    • Thanks. It’s what my website is intending to do, provoke thought to challenge the orthodoxy of the multi millionaire multi home owning establishment that control so much of our media so tightly as to prevent thought


  1. With the possible threat from the current Government to sell housing association houses it is more important than ever to improve the rights of private tenants. Much of the old council housing stock were turned into housing associations properties and will therefore once again be lost to those who work hard but cannot afford to buy. When will the politicians listen and look at the longer term ? Without adequate housing and security we will not get the best out of people in terms of productivity and it is likely to lead in the longer to more inequality.

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    • True Kate. 40% of council homes sold off have
      ended up in the hands of Buy to Let landlords and rented out for multiple times the price. No doubt many housing association homes will end up the same. The Tories don’t want to turn us into a home owning democracy but a ruling class who own multiple homes to rent out to the rest of us to slave away to pay them their dues. Under the Tories home ownership levels are actually decreasing. Just look at the facts rather than the lies that they tell to the public


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