2016: The start of the end of London’s Housing Crisis?

The battle for the new Mayor of London next year is almost certainly going to be between Sadiq Khan of Labour and Zac Goldsmith of the Conservatives.

Sadiq Khan at yesterday’s Labour conference gave a direct challenge to Zac Goldsmith stating that “I’m going to make the election in May a referendum on London’s housing crisis”.


He also says “I make an offer today to my Tory opponent; let’s work together, and stop the government making the housing crisis in London even worse”

Sadiq makes some points I’ve made, that too many homes in London are sold off to foreign investors instead of the people who really need them. He wants to stop the sale of Council Homes, many of which end up being bought by foreign Buy to Let investors and then rented out for much higher rents.

He states that he will set up a team, Homes for Londoners, and insist that half of all new homes are genuinely affordable, give Londoners first dibs on the homes that are built, bring in a London Living Rent and build homes for First Time Buyers, making Labour the party of home ownership.

Sadiq grew up on a Council Estate, and I believe that he truly understands the necessity of affordable housing in giving those not born into wealth a chance in life, and what it’s like to have to work hard to own a home of your own.

It will be interesting to see whether this time Zac Goldsmith, an Eton educated, like Boris, multi millionaire, who inherited a £200 million family fortune, can actually stand up to the property developers and overseas investors that are making a fortune out of the misery of millions of Londoners.

I truly hope that Zac Goldsmith is different from Boris Johnson and that we have two Mayoral candidates who genuinely care about solving London’s housing crisis.

Sadiq Khan has thrown down the gauntlet for Zac, it’ll now be interesting to see how Zac responds.

What housing policies will Zac Goldsmith come up with?


2 thoughts on “2016: The start of the end of London’s Housing Crisis?

  1. Excellent web site. Apparently council house issues will be dealt with In the near future. I will forward the link to the rest of my family to see their responses. Knowledge is power.

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  2. Thanks Joanna for your comment. I know Council Houses are an issue close to your heart. I only wish I could have the stability and security and affordable rents of a Council House so yes I am in favour of them.

    Personally though I think it a priority to first secure more stability and affordability for those 11 million people renting in the private sector who have now, unfortunately, for the first time in a generation overtaken those renting from council’s and housing associations combined.

    But yes I am still all in favour of giving Council’s the money to build more Council Houses with stable tenancies and affordable rents.

    If we spent the £10 billion of taxpayers money that we currently hand to private landlords in housing benefit on building Council Homes think how many homes we could build?


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