David Cameron’s promises

David Cameron said today in his conference speech “from Generation Rent to Generation Buy, our party the Conservative party, the party of home ownership in Britain today”.

Does the reality match up to the rhetoric?

In the past 5 years of his leadership it does not. Home ownership has been in rapid decline


The last Conservative led coalition government also built less homes than any government since world war two. And as stated before the number of UK Private Renters has doubled in a decade to 11 Million.

So on past form it looks like David Cameron is actually turning the Conservatives into the party of insecure unstable private renters; from Generation Home owners to Generation Rent, the opposite of what he’s actually saying.

I genuinely hope that he means what he says, and that during his 2nd term as Prime Minister home ownership levels will, as he’s promised, start increasing for the first time in his leadership.

Building 200,000 starter homes over 5 years is a start but more important is the promise that Brandon Lewis, the Housing Minister, recently made, to build 200,000 homes a year in total, or 1 million over the course of parliament


Again we can only hope that he keeps his promise for the sake of future generations. It’ll be worth checking the official statistics to keep an eye on the facts


I do hope that the Conservative party can start to turn their rhetoric into reality and that they genuinely mean what they say and that home ownership levels will stop declining and instead increase. Some stability and security for private renters would also be nice…………..

What do you think?


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