About Me

I spent 11 years in London living in bedsits and flat-shares.

I always worked full time to pay the rent, thinking it would be for a few years before I could afford a home of my own.

I’m grateful to friends for the help they gave, sometimes taking me in as a flatmate for a few years and charging me below market rates. Another friend allowed me to study at his house during my accounting exams (whilst working full time of course). And I made good long term friends from former flatmates. But eventually after many years of getting older I wanted the stability and security of having a home of my own.

It soon became apparent however, that with no bank of mum and dad to rely on, I would have to earn around 3-4 times the average salary to afford a home of my own. The law of averages means that only a small minority of people can now afford a home of their own unless they have family wealth to rely on which is wrong. Shouldn’t people on average salaries be able to afford a starter home, a one bed flat or such like?

I could no longer see a future for myself in London where my friends and support networks were. I felt sad that I’d have to move far away from the city I’d made home to be able to afford a half decent home of my own and got angry at the politicians who have created this mess.

So I decided to take action. I moved on with my life and changed my situation. But I want to help the millions of people that have been left behind. I created this website. I lobby politicians. I attend housing demonstrations, meetings and conferences. I try to build grass roots support and awareness of how we can solve the UK’s housing crisis and improve the situation for our 12 Million Private Renters.

I fully believe that if we all do a little bit then we can change things.