Letting Agents Fees

Some good news from our Government from a change. Let’s just hope that the plight of the 12 Million Private Renters in the UK win the battle against the arguments of a few thousand greedy businessmen.



The effect of Rent Controls

An article in the Financial Times aims to justify why Rent Controls are BAD. Hmm I suspect the Columist, Editor and Owner of the Newspaper are all wealthy landlords no doubt.

City AM Quote: “When the UK last had [rent controls], the private rented sector fell from 55 per cent of households in 1939 to just 8 per cent in the late 1980s”

Rephrased: “When the UK last had [rent controls], owner-occupation increased from 35 per cent of households in 1939 to 72 per cent in the late 1980s.”

City AM Quote: “Private landlords created 60 per cent of new homes homes between 1986 and 2012 – a total of 3m. There is a market for corporate investment as well as private.”

Rephrased: Actually since 1986 house building has dropped to a record low and “Developers and construction workers created 100 per cent of new homes since 1986, and landlords snapped up most of them.”

Please bring in Rent Controls and lets help increase Home Ownership and help Renters and First Time Buyers instead of prioritising multiple home owning Buy to Let landlords who are treating homes as assets (these assets are too scarce at present and we need to share them around more fairly, i.e. promote having one home each)

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100,000 Homeless UK Children v Buy to Leave Investors

How can it be right that over 100,000 children are living in temporary accommodation in England whilst London new build flats are bought by overseas investors to be left empty?

How can we ensure that new homes built in London are actually lived in? And why is London chosen as prime Buy to Leave territory ahead of New York, Singapore, Paris etc?

The answer and solution I believe lies here

Can you think of an alternative solution?

And here is an organisation that helps on the front line whilst the Government dithers https://england.shelter.org.uk/100khomeless

Homeless children


Government prioritises profits of Big House Building Companies

David Cameron’s last Government (2010-2015) built less new homes than any Government since World War Two despite a severe supply shortage and a huge increase in demand due to a rapidly growing population.

So it is an absolute disgrace that the Big House Building Companies under Tory rule have been allowed to increase the amount of planning permission approved land they sit on and haven’t built on by 25% since the Tories came to power.

As the Guardian puts it “More than 475,000 new homes in England and Wales have planning permission but are yet to be built, despite the housing shortage facing Britain.

The number of unbuilt homes with planning permission has reached record levels and is 25% higher than five years ago, according to research from the Local Government Association and construction group Glenigan.

The findings will add to the pressure on housebuilders to do more to solve Britain’s housing crisis. The Guardian revealed last week that the nine biggest housebuilders are sitting on enough land to build 615,152 homes. This includes plots with planning permission and those without.”


Remember these Big House Building Companies regularly lobby Government and their prime motive is to increase profit for their shareholders year on year by purposely keeping supply short of demand.

This is precisely why a Government who actually cared about building enough homes would step in with legislation to ensure that these houses were swiftly built.

The Local Government Association (LGA) provides a solution that would work as stated in this article “In an attempt to speed up housebuilding, council leaders have called for developers to pay Council Tax on unbuilt developments from the point that the original planning permission expires.”

A Land Bank Tax is the only way to ensure that developers build these desperately needed homes at an acceptable rate to ensure that the rate of house building returns to normal. And what better way than to do it through an existing mechanism, Council Tax, that will boost Local Government services that have been decimated by Central Government cuts, helping to stem the closure of libraries, day care centres, children’s centre’s etc.

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2,000 + people = media blackout?

I went to yesterday’s housing march and over 2,000 people attended and marched on Downing Street with speeches from prominent people such as the Green Partie’s Natalie Bennett. So why did none of the main media sources cover it? BBC. no. ITV. no. Sky. no. Instead they reported about a few dozen people protesting about a shop closure in Dulwich. Also none of the main newspapers reported it either. Tory bought media cover up?

Here is one of the independent videos verifying part of what happened


Here is Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party




March against the Governments Housing Bill

This Saturday (30th January 2016) starting from Imperial War Museum to Downing Street



With over 100,000 children living in temporary accommodation and 11 Million UK people living in the most unregulated insecure overpriced housing in Europe I fully support this march. I will be there.

David Cameron’s promises

David Cameron said today in his conference speech “from Generation Rent to Generation Buy, our party the Conservative party, the party of home ownership in Britain today”.

Does the reality match up to the rhetoric?

In the past 5 years of his leadership it does not. Home ownership has been in rapid decline


The last Conservative led coalition government also built less homes than any government since world war two. And as stated before the number of UK Private Renters has doubled in a decade to 11 Million.

So on past form it looks like David Cameron is actually turning the Conservatives into the party of insecure unstable private renters; from Generation Home owners to Generation Rent, the opposite of what he’s actually saying.

I genuinely hope that he means what he says, and that during his 2nd term as Prime Minister home ownership levels will, as he’s promised, start increasing for the first time in his leadership.

Building 200,000 starter homes over 5 years is a start but more important is the promise that Brandon Lewis, the Housing Minister, recently made, to build 200,000 homes a year in total, or 1 million over the course of parliament


Again we can only hope that he keeps his promise for the sake of future generations. It’ll be worth checking the official statistics to keep an eye on the facts


I do hope that the Conservative party can start to turn their rhetoric into reality and that they genuinely mean what they say and that home ownership levels will stop declining and instead increase. Some stability and security for private renters would also be nice…………..

What do you think?