12 Million UK Private Renters: Doubled in a Decade

Europe’s Shortest Tenancies and Highest Rents make us feel Sad

Can’t afford to buy or get a council flat, why is our Government so Bad?

Longer Tenancies would give stability and 3 Million Children would be Healthier

But instead the Government chooses for Buy to Let Landlords getting ever Wealthier

10 Billion Pounds a Year of Housing Benefit is paid by Us to Private Landlords

Reduce Rents and both Taxpayers and Private Renters would reap the Rewards

Simple Maths makes it easy to see that less people who own Multiple Homes

Means more houses for the rest of us to Own One Home; of our Own

So why does the Government do nothing to stop our rents from going Up?

Is it because most Tory MPs are landlords so their Profits would Breakup?


The last Tory Government built less homes than any since World War Two

Why is Supply kept short of Demand to make profit for the chosen Few?

There are Half a Million planning approved homes yet to be Built

So why does the Government not make these homes more swiftly be Built?

Is it the lobbying of Government by these Private house builders that is to Blame?

Profit of millionaire shareholders put ahead of Generation Rent: What a Shame


Why are Buy to Leave investors leaving luxury flats Empty when we’re short on Supply?

Millionaires pay a tiny fraction of the Property Taxes they’d pay in Shanghai

From New York to Singapore, governments make sure the rich pay fair Property Tax

But the Tories are too afraid to tackle the rich and their empty luxury flats Tax


If your Flat is Crap, your rent too High and you can’t afford to Buy

There are 12 Million UK Private Renters so don’t be Shy


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